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High Pressure Pump NLB

High Pressure Pump NLB

Laor Engineering Ltd.Represents and markets NLB Corp.  -manufacturer of high pressure pumps and attendant equipment.

Whatever your cleaning or cutting job, NLB is sure to have a pump that provides the power and performance you need. Choose from nearly 100 models, with flows from 1 to 150 gpm (4 to 570 lpm).

The power of high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water is ideally suited to a large variety of applications such as:

1. Automotive paint shops.
2. Contractor Applications.
3. Surface Preparation.
4. Deburring and Deflashing.
5. Water Jet Cutting.
6. Hidrodemolition.
7. Pavement Maintenance

Water jetting is also used effectively in the following industries: Airports, Aluminum Plants, Breweries, Cement Plants, Construction Contractors, Environmental Cleaning, Food Processing, Highway, Marine and many more.


NLB Corp