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Samiflex Elastic Coupling

Assembly and disassembly of the elastic insert without having to displace the motor or the unit being driven. This advantage allows the inspection of the insert at any time without a lengthy shut-down. Simply displace (move to one side) the ring, remove the insert, inspect and if necessary replace with a new one. All this takes a few minutes.

The two hubs work independently as the coupling works horsionally. This concept allows the free-wheeling of the motor or driving unit in the system by simply moving the ring and removing the insert. This is especially helpful when the driving unit is a combustion engine and it becomes necessary to repair or test the engine without any load.
As the hubs work and are independent of each other, if the insert we are to rupture or break, there is no metal to metal contact creating any spark thus enhancing the explosion proof properties of the coupling.

The polyurethane insert is a key part of the coupling and is made of a very special elastomer compound. Its estimated average lifetime is 25.000 hours work under normal conditions.

The coupling is easily aligned without expensive tools or measuring devices (see our installation instructions). After the mounting, alignment and putting the unit to work it can be checked by shutting down, moving the ring, removing the insert and checking the proper alignment of the hubs.

SAMIFLEX is manufactured and is applicable to all versions and formats as per the DIN 740 Standard.