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Laor Engineering Ltd. started its operations in 1979. The company provides services to the industry in the following areas: Maintenance work in industrial plants, Chemical and high pressure water cleaning, Coating and Lining of metal and concrete surfaces against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack,and more...

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    • It is the 3-rd consecutive year that "Soil-Sement" polymeric solution for dust suppression

      suppression is applied in Israel on unpaved soil open storage areas and roadways. "Soil-Sement" is manufactured by Midwest, U.S.A. and distributed in Israel by Laor Engineering Ltd. Midwest manufactures products for dust suppression, soil stabilization and soil erosion control. The Isareli Ministry of Environment has issued a regulation that forbids the scattering of brine water on roadways and soil areas. Midwest provides "green", environmentary friendy solution for dust suppression and soil stabilization.


      Mourik International B.V. from the Netherlands received an order from Carmel Olefins Ltd to perform works in explosive atmosplere in the main fractionator of their Ethylene plant. Mourik uses its special safety gear to enter and perform works in such confined spaces. The works will be done by a combined team of workes from Mourik and Laor Engineering Ltd, Israel.

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